You are not Alone!

You have been right all along, far planets from many of your neighboring galaxies have sent envoys over the millennia to observe and report, but I am one of the few who chose to stay. I am dedicated to exploring your young star system. I believe your blue planet has potential! You just need a little guidance.

In my efforts to adapt to your way of life, I made a website – how human of me 👽. I want to use this primitive communication tool to connect with your tribes and reveal some of my home planets ways of life. I hope you are worthy.

My mission is to upgrade your ancient gears and tools. Here you will find Gear rich with Alien art, innovation, and a hidden story which you can unlock as you upgrade your alien knowledge. I will continue to unveil Gear that is out of this world. I will monitor how you use them. If you use this newfound power for good, I will upgrade you to the next Gear.

It is time to bring earth closer to the stars.

Aurora Series

The slick geometric design is not the only wonder this bag series has to offer. It is designed from a composite luminous fabric giving it mysterious color-shifting abilities reminiscent of the aurora of the northern lights.

Voyager Series

This dynamic backpack design is for the explorers, the ones with the desire to discover. its embedded reflective material can guide you in those darker adventures, while its crafted shell body is designed for your comfort on your long Journeys.

Astro Series

The Astro Watch Series is our celebration of the color ever-present in the vastness of space. Whether in planets, stars, or asteroids, mesmerizing halos of color are all around us! Around your wrist, you have a shooting star always in your gravitational orbit.