Our gear guarantee

We truly believe and stand by all our products. We continuously strive to deliver the highest quality products possible. We back up all our products with a risk-free 10 days money back guarantee – conditions apply.

Please refer to our returns and exchanges page for more details. In addition to our RISK-FREE MONEY BACK offer, this is our guarantee to you:

  1. Authenticity
  • All our branded items are 100% authentic guaranteed or your money back. We stand behind the integrity of our business and believe in providing a safe buying environment for all our customers.
  • All items are in brand new condition.
  1. How long can I expect my gear to last?
  • Customers come to Aliens Gear for quality and value, but even quality items have a practical lifespan. They will eventually wear out and can be damaged by accident, neglect or misuse, so those things aren’t covered, but if we can, we’ll fix them for a reasonable fee.
  • We view the spirit of this guarantee in the same way we view the spirit of our brand as a whole: Provide durable gear, give honest advice and deal fairly with one another.